The genesis of this work can be traced back to the author’s need to investigate the Other or, more precisely, the infinite multiplicity of otherness. It would seem an oxymoron talking about genesis in a project called crĕātūra and which, in fact, portrays, until proven otherwise, human beings. Humans yes! And as such, therefore, certainly generated. But Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli’s work investigates the choices that many of us make later. That is, the individual and conscious transformation that many (if not all) decide to operate in the course of their existence… And therefore, the new creature, no longer generated, but shaped to its exclusive liking, satisfying needs, passions, drives … In addition, the imperfect randomness of Mother Nature or the limits of the cages imposed by the dominant culture.

Critical text by Eugenio Corsetti

My research comes from a question about the fragility of the human condition. So I am interested in those who decide to observe their body following their imagery, and I wonder about the reasons that can push the human beings to create a deformed wonder of the self. The people I chose to portray show themselves during the performative act or in the space created by them because their transformation belongs to a precise time of alienation from reality, in a room that I would call “the refuge of desires” where they awaken the feeling of a warped child. We could think that there is a non-acceptance of what we are in everyday life. For some, we can speak of a request for attention or a search for love. But what I saw was the choice to live with light and shadows, a natural restlessness, a truth that transforms beyond a pre-established normality. I decided to elaborate this project in a didactic way, as a sort of first research and with a cataloging approach.

The project was made in black and white film and manually printed by enlarger.

Italian version