Ingrid Thulin: tra fama e abbandono

Between Fame and Neglect” is a collaboration between two Italian photographers, who inspired by the idea of recalling the image of the actress refer to main scenes of her films and explore this issue with two different visions.

Anna Guadagnini chooses models to interpret the characters played by Ingrid Thulin in some of her most famous films, trying to convey to the viewer the feeling that they have got lost within those rooms that don’t belong to them anymore as if they were frozen in time.

Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli portrais symbolic objects from films interpreted by Thulin, those objects are contextualized within the house. Through the use of particular photographic techniques typical of the 1950’s she revels a dreamy and imaginative vision.

All the images have been taken using analogue film cameras together with a colour negatives (kodak portra 400) in order to exude an organic feel to the images.

Italian version