Southend on sea

Southend on Sea is a seaside resort in England, one hour away from London.

Southend’s steel pier is the longest in the world, with 2158 meters of extension in the Thames estuary, and it is possible to cross it by train.

On the beach, were the pier starts, there is the Adventure Island amusement park.

The project was carried out in 2012 using ELITE CHROME slide films from 2001.

Traveling to England, Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli, moves to the coast, after a careful study of the area, Southend captures her attention as it appears to be the perfect place for developing her idea and transform it through her photographic vision. The aim is to recreate the atmospheres of a particular American literature genre and filmography. This holiday resort and English fishermen town, through the eye of the photographer and the technique she uses, reminds us of places such as the Coney Island of New York in the 70s, or Walter Hill’s film “The Warriors” inspired by the homonym Sol Yurick’s no, as well as the imaginary “Joyland” amusement park, written by Stephen King.

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