Three analoug photographers and an audiovisual crew cross a portion of Rome on foot, from one of the extreme suburbs to one of the nerve centers of the city. From the MAAM in via Prenestina, close to the GRA, to the elegant Coppedè district, adjacent to the Parioli area, and the MACRO Asilo, one of Rome’s cultural hubs, there are just over 10 km. On this journey, however, the city changes dramatically. A complex city is Rome: huge, engulfing, unmanageable and increasingly closed to cultural realities. Strongly divided from a social point of view. Yet Rome is a real cultural journey not only in its historic center. A path, indeed, accessible to all and which often connects, much more than just ideally, the periphery and the center.

Documentary Italy, 2019, 54 minutes

A project by Eugenio Corsetti Direction: Eugenio Corsetti Emiliano Monaco

Production: Corsetti Photographic Laboratory

With: Eugenio Corsetti, Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli, Giulio Speranza

With the extraordinary participation of: RolandoCorsetti

Subject: Eugenio Corsetti Film script: Eugenio Corsetti, Emiliano Monaco, Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli, Giulio Speranza

Video operators: Emiliano Monaco, Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli, Eugenio Corsetti Assembly: Matteo Facciuto

Sound engineers: Elisa Posella, Giulio Bradamante, Emiliano Monaco

Original music: Giulio Bradamante

Graphics: Elisa Posella

Logistics & Service: Maurizio Muglia

Scene photography and audio video backstage by the Corsetti and Elisa Posella Photographic Laboratory