The project represents the current critical condition through the different emotions with which mankind is trying to face and overcome the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. All the people were portrayed in two shots. In the first they pose with the mask with their eyes fixed on the camera. The mask is that foil we wear, an “alien object”, but necessary to protect us from an “alien agent”, an intruder who sneaks into the bodies, to remind us of the transience of our nature. At the same time, however, it creates disorder in individuals, because it hides all the further expressive possibilities, restoring a depersonalized idea of self to the outside. The eyes become the only point of contact with the outside world, the only possibility for comparison and communication. In the second shot, people no longer wear masks and close their eyes. Eye contact is canceled to cause a free and intimate feeling. Through the mouth, now uncovered, emotions are manifested, amidst tensions, alteration and changes, it finally exposes us to the other. The feeling of the body, in its singularity, extends through mimicry and, in the work as a whole, is transformed into an emotional communion that determines the totality of the world.

Video: 16: 9, color, duration 4 '52' '
Original music: Flavio Orrù